Sea to Sky Removal Wins Small Business BC Award for Best Concept

We did it, our fruits of our labour finally have paid off! We won an award from Small Business BC for Best Concept as we have applied an environmentally-progressive approach to construction waste hauling. Our award winning recycling stations we set up on-site not only encourage forward-thinking waste diversion but also lead to a cleaner job sites. Around 300 pounds of recyclables can be diverted per recycling service!

The Small Business BC Awards is a celebration of B.C’s small businesses, their achievements, and their contributions to local and global economies. This five-month long competition began in October, when over 600 small businesses from 61 communities across B.C. were nominated. To find out more about the awards, read all about it here

We want to create more awareness and conversation around construction industry waste, with the ultimate goal of diverting recyclable materials from landfills. When it comes to sustainability, the industry needs a nudge in the right direction.

We are on a pioneering mission to change the construction industry’s waste disposal practices, and educate workers in the process. As part of our service, we provide recycling tutorials to crews who are used to tossing everything – plastic, wood, cardboard, carpet, stone – in a single trash bin. We even provide photo documentation and diversion percentage reports for Built Green and LEED projects, so contractors know exactly where materials end up. As an added incentive, we donate reusable items to non-profits like Habitat for Humanity, Urban Repurpose, Squamish Rebuild and the Whistler Re-Build-It-Centre

"Small businesses in BC are an integral part of our economy and community. Rogers Communications is proud to support the 15th Annual Small Business BC Awards and sponsor the Best Concept category. We congratulate the winners, Sky to Sky Removal, for turning their passion for a greener community into a business that is innovative and competitive.” – Jonathan Young, BC Retail Small Business Sales Manager at Rogers Communications