When it comes to keeping your site clean and green you need to be aware of the critters who co-exist with and around us. Crows, ravens, chipmunks, squirrels, mice and rats will chew or pick through the garbage bags left out on site. These will attract bears, coyotes and other larger animals.

In order to prevent these visits, we highly recommend that your construction sites are free of food waste or have your food waste secured.

Food waste can be composted, but please keep this secure in case you have any furry visitors on your site. Being bear and critter aware is important!

With that said, our first solution is to have plywood boxes made with a hinged top that has double locks on it. The bins should be sized to accommodate two standard Rubbermaid bins. To save on costs, bins made by crew might be the best option. We will be able to service these as needed but expecting it to be weekly or bi-weekly depending on the size.

These bins should solely be used for the organic waste created. Wrappers or packaging will NOT go in these bins just organics to save space and make it so these bins can be recycled straight into organics at the landfill. We will provide your site with the compostable bin liners needed to make the disposal of these as affordable and efficient as possible. 

Next we recommend an actual bear-proof bin, which is able to be locked and can be rolled away and stored safely during the night. You order your bear-proof bin at Rollins Machinery Limited in Langley.

Lastly, the best practice is always “pack in and pack out” - This way there is absolutely no food waste left on your site.

Did you know that Whistler bucked BC wide bear-conflict trends this year? Read the latest about this as well about us keeping constructions sites free of food waste in this great article in Pique News Magazine