With constantly being in search of “A Players” in the industry it’s hard to find a reliable and ethical trade in the Waste Management industry…until we aligned with Sea to Sky Removal. Sea to Sky is our one stop shop for all things Waste Management, and they do it the right way for the right reasons. We all work to make a living, but I believe Sea to Sky works to make a change. They’re trying to make a change in a side of the industry that needs it most. Construction can be such a wasteful industry, and if you don’t put efforts in, it can have significant negative impacts on our landfills. The name of the game with Sea to Sky is “landfill diversion” and they mean it! It’s not a job, it’s a passion for them. We pledge to do what we can to help with Waste Management, and with the help of Sea to Sky Removal we know we are in the best hands to carry that pledge out. We recommend them, we enjoy their team, we believe in them. In the World of Waste Management, we have found our “A Players” and will look no further. We look forward to seeing what new positive impacts they have on landfill diversion and how much they can change to archaic norm.
— Joe MacMullin, Adisa Homes
It is a pleasure to work with such a passionate business dedicated to changing the conventional approaches to construction waste management. Sea to Sky removal is leading the industry by example and raising the standard to one that prides itself on the process of diverting any and everything that can be diverted, out of the landfill. It is inspiring to work with a company that is educating themselves and the industry about decisions related to construction products that support source reduction activities.
— Alexis Vagelatos, Natural Balance Premium Home Builders
Sea to Sky Removal has become our go to waste removal company. Their always courteous employees come to site and pick up the waste for us, and are able to sort and recycle with built green certification. The best part for me as a construction project manager is that the cost is excellent for this value added service. In fact, the cost of removal per ton is similar to other companies that do not labour to pick up waste, or recycle and certify! For me that is a no-brainer.
Sea to Sky Removal have quickly become our go-to disposal company. Their mission to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill aligns with our values, and their attention to detail in executing their mission is top notch. Their service is impeccable and their people are fantastic!
— Joshua Young, Maestro Development
Sea to Sky Removal has been a great asset to our team. Not only are they very reliable but they make sure everything that can be recycled is and significantly reduce the amount of waste taken to the landfill.
— Chris Hill, Ritchie Construction
The recycling station system is a huge success in our eyes. We are very close to all trades taking the time to sort things properly on their own just by us having provided an easy solution.

— Jonathan Vendargon, Seneca Homes
Sea to Sky Removal are a pleasure to work with. Hard working, informative and efficient. We highly recommend them for your recycling and waste removal needs. Great team.
— Cinamon Bryant, Western Craft Contracting Ltd
Sea to Sky Removal simplifies the increasingly complex challenges surrounding today’s construction waste. Not only are they attentive, competitively priced and a pleasure to work with, but they have also changed the standard to which local construction waste is being handled.

— Dax Jones - Kristopher Dax Construction Inc.
With stricter regulations coming into effect each year on what can be disposed of in the garbage vs. recycling it has been a bit more involved to make sure we meet or exceed regulations. With the individual bags, Sea to Sky has provided us it could not be easier to separate the various items, having them at our yard help keeps things clean, organized and recycling a breeze. Our only wish is that we found out about them sooner!
— Adam Cottrell, Vancouver Premier Contracting
The Sea to Sky Removal team provide an exceptional level of support and value. In my opinion, their personal service approach combined with a focus on responsible disposal sets the bar for the local refuse removal industry. The service is responsive, on time and flexible; all resulting in a very satisfied customer.
— Scott Gennings, P.Eng, B.L.T. Construction Services Inc.
I have been working with Sea to Sky Removal over the past year. They are a pleasure to work with. They will show up on any of our jobs at any time that we request. And the pricing is always reasonable with the proper back up and pictures for our records. I recommend them for the quality of service and competitive pricing.
— Jamie Timmins, OMICRON
I have used Sea to Sky Removal on several job sites over the last couple years, they have always been quite accommodating with my schedule and they always leave the site clean and organized upon leaving. I also like the fact that they take the time to separate any and all recyclables before disposal. I highly recommend Sea to Sky!
— Jason Heindle-Raho, JHR Contracting
We are a mid size renovation contractor and have used Sea to Sky Removal on several of our projects. They are reliable, affordable and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who has anything they need removed.
— Gerald LeBrun, LeBrun Renovations
Chris and his team at Sea to Sky Removal always provide excellent service and are a pleasure to work with. They are reliable, responsible and very professional. They always leave my site clean! I would recommend Sea to Sky Removal for your next project.
— Marc Peck, Marwynn Construction Corp.
Chris and his team gives our organization outstanding support. They are responsive, follow through on what they say they are going to do – every time. All this at an excellent value. They also presented us with an easy solution to ensure that our commitment to recycling was easily met and provided a visible on-site recycling statement with their recycling station.

— Bob Deeks, RDC Fine Homes
We have been working with Sea to Sky Removal for a couple years now. They are passionate about what they do and continue striving to make a difference. They are professional, friendly and have been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend trying them out if you haven’t already.
— Brad Taylor, Barrett Group Custom Builders
I had Chris do his first pickup from my site and I can say everything went well. Because of access challenges to the site I arranged for him to be here at 6:00 am, he arrived at 5:50 am. He loaded his truck himself, including some pretty heavy scrap and a couple of hot water heaters, no additional labour required.

— Eric Hallstein, Kindred Construction Ltd.
Sea To Sky Removal provides the most responsive & professional disposal services we have experienced to date. They are always super responsive and they are always an asset to have on projects. All of our staff at Production Drywall values them greatly.

— Lars Konge, Production Drywall