Landfill Diversion

Landfill Diversion Part 1 – Where to Donate Construction Materials


When you visit a landfill you will witness first hand the amount of needless waste that is thrown away and if you haven’t ever been, go. Yes, it’s smelly (and probably not a great social outing) but we promise it will make you think twice about what you throw away on your construction site.

We are passionate about landfill diversion as it’s the process that will keep the most amount of materials from ending up in our landfills. The success of this diversion can be measured by comparing the size of the landfill from one year to the next. Most municipalities and cities are dealing with the issue of where to expand their landfills to, or altogether start new landfills as the old ones are full.

We dedicate Part 1 of this blog post to where you can donate extra construction materials lying around your site. We also work with these organizations on a project by project basis.

With all the construction waste we haul from sites throughout the Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky Corridor, it would be easy just to dump everything straight into the landfill and just head on to the next job. But that way of thinking doesn’t align with our values! Our mission is to try and keep as much construction waste out of our local landfills as we can by donating building materials that can be repurposed such as:

·       Appliances

·       Tools and Hardware

·       Windows and Solid Core Doors

·       Lumber, Trim, Plywood (nails removed and min. 4ft length)

·       Light Fixtures, Lamps and Ceiling Fans

·       Sinks and Toilets

·       Drywall (full sheets) & Insulation (full bag)

·       Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

·       Paint min. ¾ full, less than year old with labels

There are two awesome places in which we donate used building materials in the Sea to Sky Corridor, which are Squamish ReBuild and Whistler Re-Build-It Centre.

Squamish Rebuild is a not-for-profit social enterprise that diverts reusable construction 'waste' from the landfill and provides community members with good quality, affordable building supplies.

The other place we like to donate building materials to is Whistler Re-Use-It Centre. Their mission is to provide programs and services that support social sustainability in Whistler and their vision is “To be the leading social service resource in Whistler by responding to the changing needs of a diverse Whistler community.”

In the Lower Mainland we like to donate construction materials to Restore, which has locations in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Maple Ridge.

Did you know that Habitat for Humanity works with families in need (or as we call them, Partner Families) to build safe, decent and affordable housing? Houses are sold to Partner Families with no down-payment and are financed with affordable, no interest mortgages. Families invest 500 hours of their own labour, what we refer to as sweat equity, into building their own houses and those of other families.

A ReStore is a home decor and building supply store that sells new and gently-used items for your home and garden. The best part is that they are mainly volunteer-run; ReStore is a social enterprise and funds 100% of Habitat's operations. And it's from this money that we build homes for our deserving partner families. A win-win situation all-around!

Another place we like to work within the lower mainland is RE/PURPOSE, which is dedicated to reducing the levels of construction, deconstruction, and other wastes entering our landfills and incinerators through their redirection back into the community as useable items or as raw manufacturing materials.

And there you have it, these are great places to donate used building materials to and they align with our values by keeping as much construction waste out of our local landfills as well as building community and being environmentally focused. Stay tuned for our next Landfill Diversion blog post on where we recycle construction waste.

Sea to Sky Removal Shares Environmental Policy

We are committed to providing affordable, efficient, and environmentally conscious waste removal services that keep as much material out of the landfill as possible. To support this commitment, we will:

  • Continually improve our knowledge and education through the Recycling Council of British Columbia
  • Continually improve our knowledge and education through Built Green Canada
  • Share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with our staff, customers, investors, and other external stakeholders to improve waste disposal practices whenever possible
  • Effectively and accurately manage our environmental impacts by measuring what we divert from the landfill through our waste diversion reports where possible
  • Give back to our local community through the participation in eco-friendly initiatives and activities
  • Cultivate partnerships with other like-minded sustainability-centric businesses

We will work to support these commitments by:

  • Providing on-site recycling stations (including proper use training) for metal, cardboard, and plastic, to construction sites throughout the Lower Mainland as well as the Sea to Sky Corridor and well as companies that are environmentally focused and building green
  • Offering regularly scheduled live-load waste removal pick-up
  • Hand sorting all material to be disposed of into recyclables, items that can be reused, and general garbage
  • Delivering materials to landfills, recycling centers, as well as any suitable local non-profit organizations, in a timely and efficient manner
  • Providing post-disposal Green and Leeds Build Waste Diversion and Waste Diversion reporting
  • Sharing our knowledge, experience, and expertise with our staff, as well as customers, investors, and other external stakeholders through lectures, social media, and our website
  • Encouraging our staff to utilize eco-friendly modes of transportation to and from work (carpooling, public transit, and cycling)
  • Donating construction materials or any other reusable items to Squamish ReBuild, Whistler Re-Build-It Centre, and Habitat for Humanity: ReStore
  • Support advocacy groups directly affected by negative environmental change: Paws for Hope, WAGS, Wildlife Rescue of BC, and Critter Care
  • Offering Lunch and Learns on Sustainable Construction Waste Management Best Practices
  • Maintaining an eco-friendly office space (paperless invoicing, fluorescent light bulbs, green cleaning products, recycling office equipment/electronics/furniture/paper/metal/plastic bottles/tubs and glass bottles/jars)
  • Employing a fleet of Isuzu hybrid or energy efficient vehicles with 3 engine options that allow for both natural gas unfits (on smaller GAS units) as well as the capability to exceed diesel emission CARB regulations

Sea to Sky Removal Hauls Waste from Tenant Improvement Projects


Are you in the midst of planning for a tenant improvement (TI) project or working on one as we speak? We can help! Our team has loads of experience with these type of projects and it always seems to be that they usually don't have room for a bin. Space is always an issue with TI work in high rise buildings or retail locations and we can offer an easy solution for you. 

We can work with you on planning your project from the minute you start budgeting to the end when your start focusing on your finishes. With our experience, we feel our recycling stations would help streamline your waste as they help sort the recyclables from the actual garbage and it's very easy to manage. This also allows for a faster removal of the material from the site. 

When you choose to work with us, we are available 24 hours 7 days a week. We have found that a lot of tenant improvement projects happen on weekends and late evenings as well. We are more than happy to work with your schedule to get the job successfully completed for you. With having multiple trucks on the road we can make sure all your waste is removed right away making sure you meet your deadlines.

In regards to setting up an organized garbage area, we can consult and train your employees on how to make sure all waste is properly disposed of as well as educate your team on what type of recyclables go where. 

Lastly, a pickup area, keep in mind that we can load from anywhere especially a loading bay where there is some space to deliver the waste from your job by laborers or we would be happy to come to the site and load waste in the elevator as well. 

We worked with our friends at Omicron on many tenant improvements projects in Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby as well as in Port Moody and here is what they had to say about our service: 

I have been working with Sea to Sky Removal over the past year. They are a pleasure to work with. They will show up on any of our jobs at any time that we request. And the pricing is always reasonable with the proper back up and pictures for our records. I recommend them for the quality of service and competitive pricing — Jamie Timmins, Project Manager