Sea to Sky Removal Donates to Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and More!

Sea to Sky Removal has a passion for animals, why? Because they don't have a voice. We believe that small acts create big impacts and feel if we do our part at least the animals won't suffer as long as we donate to causes we believe in. Working with us, you will be part of our passion project and will assist us in reaching our goals which is to donate bi-monthly to some pretty amazing locally sourced organizations dedicated to helping animals in need. 

Could you imagine if every business would donate a percentage of their net sales to a non for profit they believe in? They really would create a huge impact as a little goes along way! 

In December, we donated $500 to Paws for Hope Animals Foundation, who are committed to building sustainable, long-term companion animal protection for dogs, cats, and small animals in British Columbia. Then in February we donated $500 to Whistler Animals Galore which is where we adopted our dog Lilly. Their mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to homeless and lost dogs and cats and advocates in finding their forever homes. This month we donated $500 to BC Wildlife Rescue Association including building materials for their hospital restoration project. They are the busiest rehabilitator of wild animals in Western Canada. Each year, they provide professional care for more than 5,000 animals in distress. Next month, we will be donating to Critter Care Wildlife Society. Each year, they deal with hundreds of animals that have been severly debiltated very often as a result of human-animal conflicts, including animals hit by cars, animals accidentally (and intentionally) poisoned. They also have animals that come in diseased, starved or simply suffering from parasites or pneumonia. Critter Care has the facility, the medicine, the staff and the voluntary veterinary support of several prominent clinics throughout the lower mainland in order to provide superior care.

And there you have it, we love to promote and support these amazing organizations. We work hard and so does everyone involved too and feel it's in our nature to donate bi-monthly to these impactful organizations. Do you have any favourites? Drop us a line and let us know!