Sea to Sky Removal Becomes Built Green Canada Supporting Member


We recently have become a proud supporting member of Built Green Canada and looking forward to sharing our knowledge on sustainable waste management practices on your builds when it comes to waste removal.

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven, voluntary program that promotes “green” building practices to reduce the impact building has on the environment. Their programs benefit the homebuyer, the homebuilder, the community, and the environment, and offer everyone an opportunity to choose a “green” future.

The program concentrates on seven areas: energy efficiency; materials and methods; indoor air quality; ventilation; waste management; water management; and business practices.

In regards to the waste management component of your build, our knowledge and experience will ensure that you are able to collect the much-needed points as well as a piece of mind knowing that the materials were disposed of in their proper way.

Our team hand separates all recyclables as well as any reusable items from actual garbage. We also live load our trucks so we can efficiently dispose materials to the correct locations such as the landfill, recycling centers, as well as any suitable local non-profit organizations.

Did you know that you will receive 2 points just for having our on-site recycling stations on your site? The 3 box bags we provide you with are for metal, cardboard, and plastic (ideal for foams, hard packaging from tools, or finishing items).

Not only will the recycling station help streamline the sorting of your construction waste, it will also keep as much as possible out of our local landfills. The stations will also track waste being diverted with a Waste Diversion Report, which analyzes the breakdown of each truckload and measures the amount of material that has been diverted from the landfill.

We are always ready with the education and tools to make recycling and greening your site easy, even second nature. Our team will happily consult you on efficient construction waste management practice to help keep your site clean and green.

We are also members of Recycling Council of BC, which means you will automatically amass 3 points on your Built Green builds when you work with us for your waste category. It’s a win-win!