Sea to Sky Removal Hauls Waste from Tenant Improvement Projects

Are you in the midst of planning for a tenant improvement (TI) project or working on one as we speak? We can help! Our team has loads of experience with these type of projects and it always seems to be that they usually don't have room for a bin. Space is always an issue with TI work in high rise buildings or retail locations and we can offer an easy solution for you. 

We can work with you on planning your project from the minute you start budgeting to the end when your start focusing on your finishes. With our experience, we feel our recycling stations would help streamline your waste as they help sort the recyclables from the actual garbage and it's very easy to manage. This also allows for a faster removal of the material from the site. 

When you choose to work with us, we are available 24 hours 7 days a week. We have found that a lot of tenant improvement projects happen on weekends and late evenings as well. We are more than happy to work with your schedule to get the job successfully completed for you. With having multiple trucks on the road we can make sure all your waste is removed right away making sure you meet your deadlines.

In regards to setting up an organized garbage area, we can consult and train your employees on how to make sure all waste is properly disposed of as well as educate your team on what type of recyclables go where. 

Lastly, a pickup area, keep in mind that we can load from anywhere especially a loading bay where there is some space to deliver the waste from your job by laborers or we would be happy to come to the site and load waste in the elevator as well. 

We worked with our friends at Omicron on many tenant improvements projects in Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby as well as in Port Moody and here is what they had to say about our service: 

I have been working with Sea to Sky Removal over the past year. They are a pleasure to work with. They will show up on any of our jobs at any time that we request. And the pricing is always reasonable with the proper back up and pictures for our records. I recommend them for the quality of service and competitive pricing — Jamie Timmins, Project Manager 

Sea to Sky Removal Implements New On-Site Recycling Stations

When it comes to keeping as much garbage out of the landfill as possible, we’ve almost got it down to a science. Our team hand separates all recyclables as well as any reusable items from actual garbage. We also live-load our trucks so we can efficiently dispose materials to the correct locations such as the landfill, recycling centers, as well as any suitable local non-profit organizations. 

As you can imagine, this process can be quite time consuming. That’s why we’re excited to be implementing our new on-site recycling stations for metal, cardboard, and plastic (ideal for foams, hard packaging from tools, or finishing items).

Not only will these stations help streamline the recycling/sorting of your waste materials, it will also keep as much as possible out of your local landfill. The stations will also make tracking waste for a Green and Leeds Build Waste Diversion Report more efficient. A Waste Diversion Report provides data on where your material went and how it was disposed which you can in turn share with your customers both in-person and online (website and social media).

At Sea to Sky Removal we are always ready with the education and tools to make recycling and greening your site easy, even second nature. A recycling station fits this bill perfectly and can be easily implemented at any point in a project, from the time the first crew is on-site to when the last person clocks out. The stations are also ideal for contractor yards/storage areas as we offer an on-going service on each client’s schedule.

We’ll also gladly provide extra bags if you need to recycle additional materials. We also recycle drywall, clean wood, glass, mirrors, light bulbs, batteries, and more. All drywall is taken to facilities that promote sustainable gypsum removal and recycling. Any clean wood is taken to an area for processing into hog fuel and other re-use.

We will arrange for pick-up at your convenience, either bundled as a load of construction waste removal or on demand as needed. A full load (15 yards) of construction waste removed is $495 plus GST. This price includes up to 1 tonne of weight and any weight over that is charged out at transfer station / disposal facility rates with no additional markup added. If pickup is required only when the bags have reached capacity, the charge is $150 per service. For a complete list of rates, please click here.

We recommend, for ease of pick-up, to place your recycling station adjacent to the main entry/exit to your site where our truck can easily back in. In a study conducted by researchers at the University of British Columbia, placing a recycling station 1.5 meters away from a point of entry or exit can drastically boost recycling and composting rates by 141 percent.  It all comes down to convenience. The study’s lead author Alessandra DiGiacomo shared that "Perhaps unsurprisingly, we found that people composted and recycled much more when we made it more convenient”.

We want to make keeping your site green as easy as possible. That’s why we operate on the highest of standards of landfill diversion in the industry. From hand sorting to our recycling stations, we are passionate about what we do. We provide photo documentation and waste / recycling percentage reports for all Green Builds and Leed Projects. We are members of Recycling Council of BC, which means clients can amass points on their builds when using us for their waste category. We offer some of the cheapest per yard disposal at $33 per yard on a full load and we have been in the construction industry for over 20 years.

Call us today at 604-836-9258 to have your on-site recycling station delivered.


Sea to Sky Removal Donates to Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and More!

Sea to Sky Removal has a passion for animals, why? Because they don't have a voice. We believe that small acts create big impacts and feel if we do our part at least the animals won't suffer as long as we donate to causes we believe in. Working with us, you will be part of our passion project and will assist us in reaching our goals which is to donate bi-monthly to some pretty amazing locally sourced organizations dedicated to helping animals in need. 

Could you imagine if every business would donate a percentage of their net sales to a non for profit they believe in? They really would create a huge impact as a little goes along way! 

In December, we donated $500 to Paws for Hope Animals Foundation, who are committed to building sustainable, long-term companion animal protection for dogs, cats, and small animals in British Columbia. Then in February we donated $500 to Whistler Animals Galore which is where we adopted our dog Lilly. Their mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to homeless and lost dogs and cats and advocates in finding their forever homes. This month we donated $500 to BC Wildlife Rescue Association including building materials for their hospital restoration project. They are the busiest rehabilitator of wild animals in Western Canada. Each year, they provide professional care for more than 5,000 animals in distress. Next month, we will be donating to Critter Care Wildlife Society. Each year, they deal with hundreds of animals that have been severly debiltated very often as a result of human-animal conflicts, including animals hit by cars, animals accidentally (and intentionally) poisoned. They also have animals that come in diseased, starved or simply suffering from parasites or pneumonia. Critter Care has the facility, the medicine, the staff and the voluntary veterinary support of several prominent clinics throughout the lower mainland in order to provide superior care.

And there you have it, we love to promote and support these amazing organizations. We work hard and so does everyone involved too and feel it's in our nature to donate bi-monthly to these impactful organizations. Do you have any favourites? Drop us a line and let us know!