Sea to Sky Removal is on a pioneering mission to change the construction industry’s waste disposal practices, and educate workers in the process. As part of their service, they provide recycling tutorials to crews who are used to tossing everything – plastic, wood, cardboard, carpet, stone – in a single trash bin. They even provide photo documentation and diversion percentage reports for Built Green and LEED projects, so contractors know exactly where materials end up.

Chris Arkell, owner

When it comes to understanding the unique waste removal needs of the construction industry, at the risk of sounding cliché, Chris knows it all like the back of his hand. With over 20 years of building experience under his belt, his experience helps his clients save valuable manpower hours by allowing their employees to do what they do best rather than having to make long timely treks to the landfill. And since he’s a stickler for punctuality, affordability, and communication, you can be assured that every pickup will be quick and cost-efficient and handled with the upmost professionalism. 

Throughout his tenure in the construction industry, Chris realized there was a need for a waste removal business along the Sea to Sky corridor. Although the majority of the need was along the scenic coastal route, the service later expanded into the Lower Mainland and the North Shore to address the ever expanding demand of Sea to Sky Removal’s loyal clientele. 

Chris is an entrepreneur, having owned his own successful general contracting business. He was also the head project manager for the west coast division of a large scale Toronto-based construction company. He enjoys interacting with his clients and meeting new faces through his business. 

He also love pictures so if you have four to five pictures of your pile of waste, send it along! It makes estimating the cost of removal, and anticipating the preparation for the removal, a whole lot easier. Yes, he really loves efficiency.



Cinci Csere, OPerations

For Sea to Sea to Sky Removal Co-Founder Cinci Csere, this begins and ends with the efforts we all take to keep waste out of the landfills, whether that’s construction waste, or other garbage.

Formerly the owner of her own boutique marketing agency, Cinci originally got into waste removal to support her hardworking husband, and well...if we’re being honest, to actually see him once in a while! But once she started to learn everything that was involved in the waste management industry, and after an eye opening trip where she witnessed firsthand the amount of needless waste, she dove headfirst into the business and hasn’t looked back since. Speaking of the landfill, if you haven’t ever been, go. Yes, it’s smelly (and probably not a great social outing) but she promises it will make you think twice about what goes into your bin.

Thinking twice and hand-sorting and loading their fleet of trucks live, has helped Cinci and her husband and partner in crime Chris dispose of the recyclables, donate any items, and throw away the actual garbage responsibly.  And since no two hauls are ever the same, there are always new challenges to overcome – a part of the job Cinci really enjoys. But with the challenges come brand new relationships that are fun and rewarding – both with repeat clients as well as with community recycling partners such as the landfill, donation centers, and recycling depots.

Eco-conscious at heart, Cinci can often be found educating others on recycling best practices. She can pretty much guarantee that when you call her, you’ll know within minutes that it’s important to separate out your load into piles before their truck arrives (i.e. metals, plastics, cardboard, clean / dirty wood, and actual garage).





Kayelle spent her time growing up living on a farm in 100 Mile House with her grandparents. She got put to work at an early age taking care of the cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, pigs, the list goes on! She also worked as a farm hand in the Cariboo helping train horses too.

Did you know that she also worked for JR assisting in industrial reforestation for a few years too? Her experience transfers well into the work she does at Sea to Sky Removal. Plus, one of her pet peeves is littering, so she has a knack for recycling and keeping all her sites clean and green.

Kayelle believes hard work pays off, and it's true, she is not afraid to get dirty and work hard but being a good mom certainly trumps everything.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi